Dear Bill,

I want to thank you for doing an excellent job on the underwater pier repairs supporting the former Poughkeepsi-Highland Railroad Bridge, now the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park.

From our earliest interactions on the scope of the work through completion of the as built drawings you and your team were very professional and most responsive.

The work was completed on schedule at the contracted cost with virtually no issues. This is a sign of excellent planning and execution.

Congratulations and thanks to you and all of your team members. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Duffy
Walkway Over the Hudson

Bill and Janet,

“I had occasion last week to see the completed project.  The material quality, craftsmanship, and design execution of the construction are very impressive and clearly convey exceptional skills and commitment.  I am awed by the beautiful setting and how your work contributes to the experience.  Thanks so much.”

Robert Korkuch
Sr. Project Engineer / V.P.
ACT Engineers, Inc

“I would highly recommend W.J. Castle, P.E. & Associates for inspection, analysis and rehabilitative designs.”

Joseph Forkin
Vice President
Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

“In 2005, W.J. Castle, P.E. & Associates, P.C. was retained by our Chester, PA facility to perform underwater inspection, analysis and design repairs for all of our marine structures. These structures included high and low deck piers, concrete, wood and steel bulkheads, steel and timber pilings, outfall structures, etc. Rehabilitative designs were also required which included plans and specifications for bidding.

Based upon CASTLE’s performance with our Company, I would highly recommend their engineering company.”

M. Delaquilla
Private Organziation– Chester, PA